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Why Invest

Why Invest



Achieve your financial goals

Unless you’re an extremely high-income earner, it’s unlikely you’ll ever be able to save enough for a comfortable retirement or financial independence.

That’s where property investment can help. When you’re ready to retire, you’ll be able to use what you’ve earnt through investing to live the lifestyle you’ve been looking forward to.

The property market moves with inflation. Rent will increase over time making property investment more and more positively geared the longer you hold it.




Pay off your mortgage first? 

Many people think they need to pay off their home loan before being able to invest. This is absolutely incorrect. If you have equity in your home this can be put to work straight away, by assisting in buying an investment property.

In our first consultation appointment, our advisers will explain clearly how this is done. Then as the property grows in value, you can use its equity to expand your portfolio further, and eventually you will have the choice to hold properties and enjoy the growing rental income, or maybe sell one or two to access the capital growth, pay off your original home loan and use the balance to fund your retirement.




Big tax advantages

Property Investors may offset many of their expenses incurred with ownership of an investment property against the tax they’d normally pay. Using tax benefits to help you pay the mortgage on the home.