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About Us

About PI Real Estate

PI Real Estate is a company that was established as a ‘value add’ to provide additional services to our new and existing clients in our finance business – PI Finance.  The ‘PI’ in both business names actually stands for ‘Property Investor’.  Over the years we have provided additional support and service to our property investor clients. 

After working out the numbers of cash flow and growth potential, it was identified that the properties they were presenting weren’t the best options. From this they could tell that Daniel, the company founder, knew what he was talking about and asked him to help them find a great investment property.

Daniel had previously worked in Real Estate and Property. He had some previous contacts and went to work to help. They bought a property recommended by Daniel because the numbers stacked up. Then they referred a friend. This is how PI Real Estate came to be.

It got to a point where Daniel was too busy to do finance and property for his clients. He employed more staff to assist our customers with both property and finance. Meet our team below.

Meet the Team

Daniel Rees

Business Owner & Manager

Daniel is the Business Founder and Managing Director with over 20 years experience in banking, franchising, real estate, success coaching, mentoring and leading small teams. PI Real Estate is the result of combining all of his experience  with a core focus on his personal passion of investing in real estate!

Rentals Team

Sales Team

Brendon Carroll - PI Real Estate North Lakes

Brendon Carroll

Business Development Manager

Brendon comes from a long family line of Real Estate Agents, and has worked in Property Sales and Property Management for over 8 years. He has a keen eye for detail and loves to show clients how they can profit from Real Estate.

Mark White - Sales - PI Real Estate North Lakes

Mark White

Senior Sales Consultant

Rebecca Lowerson

Personal Assistant

Over 12 Years Experience in the Finance Industry
Time Efficient
Residential Lending Aficionado
Customer Focused
Fast-working, Friendly, and Funny as Heck

Darryl White - Sales - PI Real Estate North Lakes

Darryl White

Office Manager

Deborah Tito

Michael Byriel - PI Real Estate Sales

Michael Byriel

Sales Associate
Isaac Alves - Sales - PI Real Estate North Lakes.jpg

Isaac Alves